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Access our computerized system to send short messages through a web browser to groups of contacts. Send them quickly and easily to your contacts in Bahrain or in almost any other country

Import a .csv file that consists of 3 variable columns, specify them and indicate the column which has the phone numbers of the group of people you would like to send the SMS messages to.

Now send bulk SMS messages to a large group of people only by specifying the .csv or.txt file that contains the list of phone numbers you would like to send the SMS message to.

Use BahrainSMS services from your mobile by accessing this link https://www.BahrainSMS.net/mobile. The mobile web page is designed in a way that doesn't require a lot of space and is easy to use.

Keep track of the SMS messages you have sent by selecting the category that you are concerned in. You can view them by job, group, number, credit history, delivered and not delivered messages.

Manage your own phonebook by creating your own groups of contacts and categorizing them to your preference. nd categorizing them to your preference. nd categorizing them to your preference.

Programmers can now use BahrainSMS' API to adapt their own application so that they can be transmitted through our gateway. This portal has been prepared to ensure flexibility and become suitable for all.

Select the groups of contacts. Send the message to us and the system will forward it to the predefined groups. A very efficient way to get the job done when there is limited access to the system.

Now set the time and date you wish the SMS messages you send to be delivered. This feature allows you to prepare to send many SMS messages to a large amount of people ahead of time.

Make the best use out of your remaining credit and transfer it to another user account simply by entering the required details.

Now create unlimited sub accounts and be able to update them by adding credit to them, deleting them or even viewing their history.

BahrainSMS supports online payment through PayPal, credit or debit cards and Bank transfers.