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Welcome to Bahrainsms

We are caught in a complex world where we want things to be simple and easy to use. At BahrainSMS, we make life simple since it is a specialist provider of Bulk Push SMS and marketing services through SMS messages. We aim to make the mobile space easy to understand with campaigns to deliver great results.

Mobile Messaging

Send SMS messages to contacts in your phone book from your mobile. This feature enables you to send SMS messages without the need to visit the website. Send SMS messages from any part of the world

Subscribe to SMS alerts

Now you can subscribe to channels, Newspapers, News Providers, Sports, Weather and more ..(ex. Subscribe to ALAYAM, AAKNEWS, ALWASTNEWS, ALJAZEERA, ALARABIYA, ALJAZEERA SPORT.. etc)

SIM Card Hosting

Use our SIM hosting service where by your SIM Card is located in our data centre, a Web Application will be given to access your incoming and outgoing SMS remotely. It can be used for functions like voting, database integration or web application integration and 2 way messaging.

LAN SMS Software

Use our messaging software privately in your company local area network. You can manage users, limit usage and monitor messages online. The SMS software will be connected with redundant SMSCs using secure industry grade connectivity.

API Manager

Programmers can now use BahrainSMS' API to adapt their own application so that they can be transmitted through our gateway. This portal has been prepared to ensure flexibility and become suitable for all. It provides an easy option to integrate with your website, application, billing system and customized applications

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